2048 is basically the next flappy bird and is quite addictive. The app has become popular among many students. 2048 is very challenging and can get really annoying quickly. Image Credit by Max Fritzhand

The purpose of this puzzle game is to reach the number, 2048. When you first open the app, you will think it is easy, but be aware this game is highly addictive and very hard.

“This game is really awesome, I have played it nonstop and I’m gonna keep going at it until I beat the game,” said Kristy Russel, 11.

To play the game the user swipes to move tiles. When the two tiles with the same number touch they merge into one, and double.

“It’s hard until you figure your strategy then it’s easy,” saidMichael Heyn, 10.

The best way to approach the game is to swipe down, then left, then down, then left, and repeat. Doing this will get the biggest number in the bottom left corner and it will be really easy doubling that.

“4096 is much harder to get through then 2048.  It’s really fun to be out your friends,” said Alex Weisser, 12.

Max Fritzhand

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