When the 1980’s movie, ‘Back to the Future’, was released, it centered around the future and technology. The car Marty McFly and Emmett Brown drove was an altered DeLorean that can travel through time.

To this day, no technology exists to mankind that can travel through space and time. Companies like Google and Apple have made tech that coincides with ‘Back to the Future’ possible. With the Google Glass and Apple Watch you can make futuristic smart wear achievable.

“Google Glass has a lot of issues and I would much rather get the Oculus Rift,” sophomore Max Shirley said.

What if car companies alter their cars to appeal to the 21st century people? Would productivity be faster? Would the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Regulations approve of such an alteration? Would cars accidents decrease, as well a car safety increase?

New concept cars are being tested everyday. Recently Mercedes-Benz released an autonomous concept car. The self-driving car dubbed the F 015, features technology that can revolutionize the car industry, with rotating seats and sensors all around, this car can change the way we view transportation.

“I just want a car that has all the gizmos,” junior Max Brown said.

Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and other car companies have been experimenting on cars to perfect their design of an autonomous car. Audi, like Mercedes-Benz, has also released an autonomous concept car. The A7 can initiate lane changes and accelerate and brake autonomously.

“Just like any car built for use on the U.S. roads any autonomous vehicle would need to meet applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards, which falls under the NHTSA’s jurisdiction. The agency will have the appropriate policies and regulations in place to ensure the safety of these types of vehicles,” according to a USAToday interview with NHTSA spokesman Gordon Trowbridge said.

With all these advancements in cars, productivity will surely be faster, with the need to not drive. Car accidents will decrease due to more advanced technology and sensors that detect surroundings from all sides of the car.

Car safety is always increasing overtime. Companies are always testing cars to ensure they are safe. Smart Cars need significant safety testing, because they are very prone to accidents. In over a decade’s time, driverless cars will be a thing of the past and safety in all new cars will be accident-free due to the use of smart technology.

As ‘Back to the Future’ was once up looked on as a movie that is 60 years ahead of our time, we have cut down that assumption to more than half the projected years it was. From facial recognition software to power-lacing shoes, ‘Back to the Future’ shaped modern 21st enthusiasts profoundly.

Max Fritzhand

I have always loved to write and am a thoughtful writer. It's one of my many creative outlets - right next to cooking and gardening. I was involved in my school's journalism program, having been published in newspapers and scholarly journals

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