The purpose of this project is to design a mobile photogrammetry platform to turn physical goods into digital goods to enhance the customer experience for business owners. To achieve this objective, I have done research on why photogrammetry is important and the current problems on building a platform for turning physical goods into digitals good. In addition, I reviewed a list of current existing mobile applications that could turn physical objects into digital objects and designed the needed traits and functionalities of the mobile application towards business owners. The user interfaces have been designed along with a photogrammetry product design. In the future, the functionalities will be implemented and tested.


Photogrammetry is important for digital experiences as it is the prologue to the creation of 3D models which allow for unique viewing. Without photogrammetry, you would not be able to see a true one to one digital model of a physical object and creation of a look-alike could take days to replicate, rather than a mere few hours to reproduce. Enhancing the customer experience is at the forefront of every business owner’s mind, as it’s a means to attaining loyal customers, new customers and for customers to spend more money. For today’s standards, while dining at a restaurant – a patron may view Google the dish to see a visual of a similar dish, but it is not a true dish. A game developer may want to incorporate a scene into their videogame – rather than spend hours creating the desired shapes – they create it within hours using a mobile photogrammetry. Other business owners, such as a furniture store – can allow customers to place the furniture in their home. Ultimately allowing the phrase of “see before you buy” come to life. Bakery owners can enhance the experience by allowing their customers to see every angle of the cake and to truly customize it in a web app. These advancements in tech, save on time for explaining additional things while providing business owners with a new means of communicating their services or product.

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