Purdue University is a great school for engineers. Students can get their feet wet in engineering by taking a program offered through the university. The school is located in Indiana and gives great aid packages. Image by Max Fritzhand

Graduating high school and going to college is a priority for motivated students. This is a great goal, but comes cost at a high. After college, students find themselves in debt and find employment difficult.

“College is extremely expensive,” senior Rachel Sophr said.

A great solution to end this debt problem is to save your money. The earlier you start; the better off you will be in the future paying off debt. Taking an economics class is a good preparation for finance. Team projects are great, because you have different viewpoints as well as other people to help assist.

Knowing the main process of a team can help you network, which in turn will help you be more prepared for employment. The ideal team you want; are people that have great experience in that area of expertise. People with diverse backgrounds are a plus too. A great way to get grasp of this, is to join a club.

Joining a club of your liking, can help you develop great niche ideas, which is a great benefit toward your career. Taking the initiative to be apart of a club that interests you, is a great fundamental to how a team functions and works. Having leadership qualities makes you a good candidate for the job.

“I got the most Scholarship money from Ohio State. Going there will just be easier on me,” Sophr said.

The skills learned while working at a local business are priceless. The experiences can be applied in your daily life. A plus is that you can put your experience learned on your college resumes. It also increases your chances of getting hired.

“Programming Club competes with others schools to win prizes for coding,” senior Alex Toney said.

“I got the most Scholarship money from Ohio State. Going there will just be easier on me,” Sophr said.

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