Growing up I have always loved traveling and seeing the beauty in the world. There’s so much culture to be explored. So much new cuisine, much offerings that is beyond one’s imagination.

To name a few things that come to mind on the bucket list…

1.) Seeing the Hadron Colider

2.) Skiing in Whistler

3.) Boating on the Amazon and meeting indigenous tribes and learning about their way of living

4.)  Living the life of a monk in Tibet


Let’s get back to the story. Life is already hard as a 9-5er. My peers would say I do well for myself, but I personally feel that,  if we break it down it is just not enough for the reality I would like to live.


Working a full time job, part time student as well as owning a company is no easy feat. All of these endeavors total in excess to 80-100 hours a week. As I reflect on life and think more about reality, I realize just how capable and easy it is for one double their salary just by getting another lucrative job rather do what I do.


Now, unfortunately time is finite and I can only sacrifice so much time in a day. Majority of my post 40hr work is allocated towards pursuing higher ed for that insurance policy of an increased salary to boost my credibility on top of pursuing my startup company – that of which is tacking onto the credibility aspect. By following this formula over the past 3 years of simply working on side projects and constantly creating- I have managed to be at the forefront of my career- always being the youngest in the room.

That though, is not what I want to be known for– simply just slaving away day in and day out. I want to be known for truly impacting millions of people. Creating a paradigm shift in our culture and reality that we so seek. That is exactly why I am enthralled with these new technologies that allow for us to escape to a new reality (AR/VR/MR) and experience life outside the confines of the 4 walls we reside in. These experiences once felt impossible for some, could now feel possible. Giving the possibility of hope and inspiration to people. Really allowing people to feel that there is something greater in this Universe is truly what moves me at the core. At the end of the day- it comes down to impact. The impact we bring to others to advance us as a civilization is what will bring about greater change.


Now what kind of change is needed to make all of this happen…? Technological change.


Technological change may not be for everyone, but what can have a ripple effect beyond means is the act of kindness. Being stoic and still displaying acts of kindness in times of distress is a true character of one’s state.


A good quote that displays exactly this is when Obama said to Ruby Bridges, whom made international news in 1960 as the first black girl to attend a desegregated white school the following:

“I think it’s fair to say that if it wasn’t for you guys, I wouldn’t be here today.”


I leave you, the reader, with this question; what type of impact are you striving for to be able to create a better tomorrow?





Max Fritzhand

I have always loved to write and am a thoughtful writer. It's one of my many creative outlets - right next to cooking and gardening. I was involved in my school's journalism program, having been published in newspapers and scholarly journals

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