Yes. I just said that and I mean it. Happiness truly is in bed with depression. When one thinks of depression, one often associates it to death. Depression has a negative meaning. Feelings of sadness, fatigue, worryness… but often it has a hidden side that masks these feelings. That being of greater happiness.

Why though? Why do depressed people – tend to be more happy? Why are they so fourthcoming with bringing laughter to the world? To cheer people up?

I’ll tell you why.

But I first want to share how I know. I know because II have dealt with it firsthand. I have studied the psyche to a degree to understand myself inside and out. To understand what makes me tick. Knowing why I do certain things and how to overcome obstacles. Yes, I am depressed. I am very proactive with my mind, no fret.

Anyways, back to the question. Why is that depressed people seem to be more happy?

It’s because people that have personally been in that situation understand the ramifications and reality of being in that situation. It fucking sucks. These people, including myself, still have love for others— it’s just that we are expressing in a way that may not make sense to others.

The love in this context is to not want to have people feel this way, so they aim to lift people up. This includes the late Stephen “tWitch” Boss, he was a laughable person and would always make people entertained and engaged. Little did people know that what he was displaying on the outside was not what he was feeling on the inside.

He was in a way displaying greater happiness to allow people to escape their reality. A glimmer if you may. Let’s be honest here, reality sucks. This is why you see a lot of people spending 8+ hours a day on their devices to escape. To escape their mind. To escape their thoughts.

I have been on both sides. Needing that person to make me laugh to escape sadness and giving laughter to cheer someone up. Those moments though, make us human.

At its core, an individual like Jim Carey is a divine, gentle soul. If you really paid attention to how he communicates not only in his movies but during interviews you could see how he deploys greater happiness in his acting. He often would say how he aims to be a character that provides comfort. A character that can teleport the person and escape their reality. Just for moment — and forget about everything. To just laugh and smile. This is the Jim I love.

As for him, he unfortunately battles his demons like many of us. If you’ve noticed he would say how nothing matters in interviews. He really changed his mindset to be existential. Often talking at times in 3rd person. He’s a person that suffers greatly but hides it well.

I’ve noticed more and more how mental health is just not being prioritized as it should. It’s a real catalyst that is leading among deaths, that being stress. It’s a real shame society doesn’t set a stronger precedent on it.

That being said, I am not here to say we should do thoughts and prayers… rather we should take action. That person that you think is doing real well in life and is displaying greater happiness — check in with them. Check in with friends. Not ask them how it’s going.. but really engage and listen. Really seek to understand their psyche.

It amazes me how well people can hide their mental health issues or even just about anything really. People can carry secrets that one couldn’t imagine. Some may think that they may lose friends or what not.. often times just listening and being that sponge to that person can mean the world to them.

My action that I am doing to combat mental health is to use software to amplify my voice to help people feel understood. I’ve created a podcast recently to target this exact issue. I chat with high up professionals about anything and everything and I make it my goal to really understand what makes that person tick.

I had a conversation with one individual recently that shared with me how he had a shotgun to his mouth. He was THIS close to pulling the trigger. This individual keep in mind was a very successful Fortune 500 exec. On the outside he appeared to have everything going for him. On the inside, he was suffering. My podcast tends to be comedic driven with some underpinnings of this. To really engage the listener to show them that a successful person didn’t just arrive at this destination, it was and still is a journey full of ups and downs.

If you’d like to learn more about this, please click here and consider subscribing to my newsletter too (at the bottom). I plan to send similar writings like these once a month. Each episode is sensitive but provides value in the form of escapism for one’s moment. This is my way of being Jim.

If you have read this far you’re a real one and I appreciate you. As an added easter egg, the featured image is an AI image generated by Dalle2. It depicts people leaning on a depressed person for aid. This depressed person is helping them escape their reality for a brief moment whether it be in comedy or helping their current situation – like needing food for dinner. It’s up for interpretation, as everyone is different. Thank you.

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