As a restaurant owner, you want to deliver the best possible experience for your customers. And that starts with covering all your bases. We are here to cover your base for having a good scan. Here’s how to get started:


Go to and check out the “Getting Started” page, there will be a sign-up form for us to get your restaurant name and additional information. Shortly after, we will get in contact with you and send you a FREE bundle of items that will allow you to enhance your scan even more. These items include our proprietary:

  • Lightbox
  • spinning table
  • Tripod for your device


Once the owner bundle has arrived the process is simple. Set up your lightbox by plugging it in an outlet, turning it on. From there you will also plug in the spinning table.


The next course of action – is setting up your tripod 6 inches from the base of the lightbox. Now place the spinning table inside the lightbox, along with the delicious food dish you will be capturing.


Go through the motions – of adding a new food item on the app. From there, you will click the center button and start capturing the food time. Press the capture button again after it has done one full revolution from the time you initially pressed the capture button.


Keep in mind, you want your object to be making one full revolution in approximately 30 seconds. 30 seconds of capture time on the device is sufficient to render a good scan.


From there, just tell the app it is okay – and it will go through the motions of turning it into a 3D model. The model will be submitted to our Admin team, which will be cleaned up for post-production and either be approved for use on our app or be rejected if the quality of the scan is not sufficient. If rejected, we will give you the reason and ask you to take it again.


The best device for capturing the scan is the latest iPhone you have on hand – iPhone 8 or greater works fine too. iPad devices that are the Pro model and are 3rd generation or newer work just as good too.


For further reading, do check out my  Masters Thesis on building 3D models to enhance the customer experience for businesses.

Max Fritzhand

I have always loved to write and am a thoughtful writer. It's one of my many creative outlets - right next to cooking and gardening. I was involved in my school's journalism program, having been published in newspapers and scholarly journals

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