Podcast #2 with Matana Jacobs

Do you feel truly supported in your mental health journey? Do you wish that there were more people for you to talk to and lean on when you are going through a difficult time? This week, I am excited to share with you about a company called Squish, which is looking to solve this problem and bring hope to the mental health field.

In this episode, I sit down with John Lang and Max Fritzhand, founders of the amazing APP where they are seeking to “squish” the stigma around mental health by bringing together those who struggle and creating a supportive environment where people feel safe to share about their journey.

You will hear the interesting backstories of both of these young men, how they met, and what they are hoping to create in their business. We also discuss the implications technology has on our mental health, the surprising stats they have uncovered in their research, and how we can use this information to play a more active role in our own mental wellness.

Excerpt from Matana Jacob 

Max Fritzhand

I have always loved to write and am a thoughtful writer. It's one of my many creative outlets - right next to cooking and gardening. I was involved in my school's journalism program, having been published in newspapers and scholarly journals

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