Augmented Reality, IoT, UX/UI

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Pilot and Manager View

Pre-flight helicopter inspections can benefit from the use of modern AR and IoT technologies. In this simulation, the pilot simply points the iPad at the helicopter, and the app shows the steps for performing and capturing inspection data. Leveraging a physical CAD model of the Blackhawk helicopter, ILW developed an inspection checklist application to be used by a pilot to perform a pre-flight inspection. This tool captures data using an iPad and AR software, which can write back to and pull data from IoT software (bi-directional).


  • Demonstrates AR and different content types associates with how information can be presented to the pilot executing the pre-flight checklist
  • Integrates several visuals into an app such as photos and technical documentation
  • Sets foundation for developing more advanced visuals such as integrating augmented reality and CAD manipulations


  • PTC Vuforia Studio AR software
  • PTC ThingWorx IoT software (stores pre-flight records data)
  • PTC Creo
  • iPad (used by pilot)

This AR Experience was for the US Army. This was built on Vuforia Studio to allow pilots to view the experience. Data was being pulled using ThingWorx to simulate APU levels on the gas tank reading to ensure levels are in satisfactory range for pilot. Created animations utilizing Creo Illustrate.


Initial Wireframes

ThingWorx view of Pilot Logs