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The basis of this project is where as an individual gets closer to the box it elicits an emotion of anger, that being of the light getting brighter as well as the sound getting louder. As the individual steps away, both the light and sound start to diminish. The green light represents the comfort zone typically for a human and when you are in proximity of the distance sensor the green light immediately goes away and it detects the distance from you to the box and makes accurate measurements as to the approximate light and sound it should project. You can view the code here.


To view an in-depth How-to-Guide on doing this project click here.



Photo Documentation

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Video Documentation



Preliminary Design

Initial sketches


Working Preliminary

Arduino without its housing unit. Distance sensor detected motion which triggered the sound (piezo component) as well as triggering Red LED lights. For code.


First Iteration

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Second Iteration


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Future Iterations

For individuals interested in pursuing this further. Here’s a list of things I would like to further iterate upon.

  • Wires hidden away, so there’s no shadow being shown from it
  • Graffiti all around the box
  • Distance sensors on each side of the box
  • Brighter illumination. Use 256 bit LED light pad
  • Use 2x piezo and adjust sound to have it being louder, not pitch
  • Spell Go Away on 256 bit LED light as well as other phrases
  • Have a sleep mode (where LED light cycles to a fading green to blue)
  • Change shell to have it be translucent paper on all sides. Use 3D printer to create skeleton shell mold to hold papers
  • Have a 4” standing base for the box