Klip allows you to host events, find events, and work for events in your area. Over 1200+ hours has been invested into this project.


Invision Prototype


The story begins the Summer of 2017 during the month of June. I was in Israel, specifically doing an internship in Tel Aviv. I was working at a SaaS company known by the name of Fortvision. Long story short I really bonded with one of my coworkers. During one of our daily lunch breaks, I brought up how event planners would be able to plan events more efficiently. My colleague, Yoni, mentioned how he had been working on a similar app, OMGWhen, that allows people to find and host events in the area. The aim of the idea was not focused on people finding events and hosting events, it was rather focused on an app that would be a companion for event planners. An app that would provide meaningful data for event planners to maximize their event efficiency.

Those next few days we talked more and more about this idea and I was continually getting intrigued by it. So intrigued that I started doing sketches of what the app would like. I sketched very rough wireframes and soon they became more realistic with more detail. I turned those detailed sketches into a reality using Adobe XD to actually create the UX Design portion of the app. Yoni was tasked with implementing the designs I created into meaningful code to allow the app to function properly