Business, Graphic Design, Product, UX/UI

Started a mobile app with the goal of helping college student find events according to their preferences in a very efficient and simple way. Students tend to struggle with finding events that they are looking for, which this app intends to solve.

Our app was not intended to just be an app for finding and hosting parties. It is also meant to be a brand for students to utilize in their lifestyle. The brainchild of the party concept stems from a minimal viable product dubbed, IUPartyCentral. The concept was simple: a social media account consisting of user submitted nearby parties. What made the account unique was that we only promoted what held up to reputable standards, ensuring quality over quantity for the parties. At the pinnacle of the account’s success, it had amassed an outstanding 3,500+ followers. With the success of this concept, plans of reaching an even bigger audience took full gear.

The plan lead to NYX. We recruited a strong team of ambassadors. At the time, we had 33 ambassadors from 8 different universities across the US. The idea for these ambassadors is for them to handle their school’s NYX account. For example, for Indiana University, we had NYXHoosiers as the school’s main account. Indiana ambassadors would promote their page across campus.

We had raised $5000 to pay for the development of the app. We originally had intentions to launch on August 2017, but due to development issues, we postponed launch due to many bugs in the app.


Promotional Flyer


Finding an Event (Screens)



Creating an Event Screen (Screens)



Specific Event Details (Screens)