A mental healthcare platform connecting everyday people together based on interests. I was the COO, Founder and Product Designer during my time at Squish. I was responsible for the user interface, management of design, functionality and development of oversight of the overall project. I developed the organizational vision, mission and foundational structure to facilitate early growth. Led user acquisition and played a key role in branding. Drove efforts to gain working capital of $20,000 to grow Squish from ground up. Recruited and interviewed job candidates via diverse traditional and digital routes for suitability for key positions. Grew company from just 2 to 10 employees with a Development and Marketing department.

Below you will see the various forms of content created during my time at Squish

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Squish will find, identify, and solve the problem of expensive therapeutic sessions that the average Joe cannot afford. With therapy success rates high, as well as costs – primarily due to advanced degrees, time spent on paperwork, space – there is a huge opportunity to change the current process. We will focus on being an intermediary platform connecting individuals with current “counselors”

Selected Sketches

User Personas

Initial Prototype + Wireframes

Official Home Page

Seamless Login Experience

Onboarding Process

Landing Page

Official iOS Screens

Business Cards

Evolution of Ambassador Flyers

Application Flyer

Marketing Tri-Folds


This is the #SquishTheStigma App Promotion Flyer. Our brand strategy was to start a trend of #SquishTheStigma to end the mental health stigma.


Backend Flow Chart

Social Media Fast Facts

8,000+ Outreach on Socials
Instagram – 600+ followers (3,000+ outreach)
Facebook – 600+ followers (5,000+ outreach)
2 Interviews
Podcast #1 with Farbetterment
Podcast #2 with Matana Jacobs

5+ Medium Posts @20Squish19 

Squish Repositories