Programming Club senior co-presidents Alex Toney and Bryn Kelley both talk about Ada Lovelace and her contributions to computer science. The club meets every Monday after school and usually the members work on creating software. The software can range from games to algorithms to websites, you name it, and they can do it. Image by Max Fritzhand

Senior Alex Toney, club president, lead a solid introduction by giving a brief timeline of computer history. We later celebrated with cake, because it was Ada Lovelace’s birthday. Lovelace was credited as the first computer programmer.

 “Computer programming has evolved so much,” club advisor Mr.Melvin Hoffert said.

After celebration, everyone in the class participated in the global movement, ‘Hour of Code’.  The movement is worldwide and it tends to be one day long. This year they extended to around six days. The goal is to have people go on the website Code and spend an hour on it, and learn coding.

“We want to celebrate Ada Lovelace’s birthday today with some cake,” senior Alex Toney said.

Code wants to beat its goal last year of 15 million users signed up, and is going for 20 million users.

 “I like showing off my programming at Programming Team,” sophomore Chiraag Bhola said.

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