Junior Siddiq Ashraf stands with his new friend at the hackathon. Ashraf joined a group that was developing something of his interest. He plans to compete in the next hackathon. Image by Max Fritzhand

A: A hackathon is a place where hackers can develop something in a short amount of time. My team made an app that will soon be going up on the App Store.

Q:  Was this your first time at a hackathon?                                                                                A: Yeah. I thought it was just going to be hardcore gaming, but actually it was coding.

Q What is what you expected?                                                                                                          A: No, not at all.

Q: Would you do it again?                                                                                                               A: Yeah, it’s something different, and I liked it.

Q: How long did the event last?                                                                                                      A: It was 36 hours long. We stayed in the engineering building at UC.

Q: Was it only high school students that went?                                                                          A: Barely a few went. It was mostly college students.

Q: Did you win anything?
A: Our team came in 10th place out of the 17 teams that competed. We got the newbie award for being the only high school team.

Max Fritzhand

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