The New York Rangers prepare to face the Columbus Blue Jackets in a regular season game. All fans can watch 20 minutes of practice before the game starts. The Rangers against the Blue Jackets is usually a good game since both are rivalry team. After a six month hockey season, the NHL playoffs have begun. The playoffs last two months and teams compete to win the Stanley Cup. The Stanley Cup is the oldest trophy in sports. The same trophy has been used for over 80 years.

“I got to see the Stanley Cup in person and it was a huge thrill knowing how many famous hockey players touched the trophy,” said Jason Beaudry, 10.

It’s not like every other sport where a new trophy is made for a next champion. Teams play a best of 7 series throughout the playoffs. The first team to win four out of the seven games gets to advance to the next round. The final round will be played in June when it’s hot outside.

All of the Blue Jacket fans will be happy since the team made the play offs. This is their second time in the history of the team, that they made the playoffs. In the first round against the Penguins, they also got their first playoff win.

“I hope the Penguins win the Stanley Cup,” said Zach Samuelson, 12.

Going to the Columbus Blue Jackets game was surprisingly exciting game to watch. The arena in Columbus is brand new and is a great place to watch the Blue Jackets in action.

“I have been to like four NHL hockey games. All of the games were at Nationwide Arena in Columbus,” said Ari Belillti, 10.

If you ever go there, you will find great restaurants in the arena district. It is a part of Columbus that was built around the hockey arena.  It has given Columbus another reason to visit the city.

For Ohio fans they will be rooting for the Blue Jackets, but for New York they will be rooting for the Rangers.

Max Fritzhand

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