Ebay’s PayPal launched a device called Beacon that lets stores identify and authenticates as they walk in. Beacon is easy to use and easy to setup. This will help stores increase security. Image Credit by PayPal

Shopkick is a Startup Company that has released an item that reminds consumers to open the company’s mobile shopping application when they walk into stores. The item is called shopBeacon, a small plastic like shell that has a battery life of up to five years.

“This is great that a company decided to make this,” said Spencer Mandell, 10.

It is being used for the first time in Macy’s department stores in New York and San Francisco. It works simply by connecting to devices via Bluetooth. It only is successful in working if you get the app on your smart phone.

“What a great idea it is for people to be more involved in the store by using their smart phone,” said Ratchet Kumar, 10.

Recently PayPal launched a Bluetooth Low Energy device called Beacon. The device plugs into an electric wall socket and lets stores automatically identify and authenticate PayPal users as they walk in. This is great, because it will be even harder to obtain a person’s credit card information.

“Adding more security is a must-have priority for big corporations to avoid theft,” said Josh Gylnn, 9.

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