I’ve been around for quite sometime to realize majority of people on this planet are miserable. The ones who aren’t are either ignorant or out of touch with reality.

This case holds true simply by looking at the historical trend for birth rates per capita. In the 1970’s it was north of 3.89 kids per household. Fast forward a bit and the graph looks like a reverse Mohrs Law. By 2100, the birth rate will be halved to 1.94 kid per house.

If these numbers do not speak volumes about the economy and the future of our planet I do not know what else to say. A good economy speaks on a gradual increase.

Simply put we are in a bad economy. Millennials and GenZ are thinking less and less of having kids. The thought process is “I can barely afford to buy myself something nice and can’t afford to travel, how can I afford another person?” This process alone has risen to the younger adult demographic.

Money is hard and more and more people are living to work just to survive another day. People rely on that next paycheck just to keep the electricity on… to me that says a lot

As an advocate for making my life easier I am all for advancements in technology. I love enhancing my life to the point I worry less and focus more on my passions at hand.

To me, a meaningful life is to change not one but a million lives. Technology enables us to change billions of lives each and everyday. Teachers and doctors changes thousands in a lifetime. An AI bot laced with a medical dataset can change millions of lives with rapid diagnosis.

To me and to everyone else we have to think bigger. Focus on living to work now to build up a career that can allow you to work to live.

With this framework in mind, one can automate a lot of processes in their daily routine and outsource any minor issues not needing your attention. This formula in turn would allow you to be more successful.

The ultimate mindset is to think of ways to maximize your time and automate a lot mundane tasks. Take for example, Zapier. A great platform to help with such workflows. You can set up auto reply emails when a specific calendar meeting ends. You can set payroll to be deducted automatically every 2 weeks. These small adjustments add up to more minutes to your day all while increasing your productivity

So remember the end goal is not to live to work, but work to live. To enjoy life and make a difference in others. It all starts with harnessing the full capabilities of technology. This is my path but remember every path is different I am just sharing my personal experience.

Max Fritzhand

I have always loved to write and am a thoughtful writer. It's one of my many creative outlets - right next to cooking and gardening. I was involved in my school's journalism program, having been published in newspapers and scholarly journals

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