For a freelance project I redesigned a few pages for a NY based company. Here are my revisions as shown below.


        Our Story Page    

  Left Side (BEFORE)                  Right Side (AFTER)


Changes I made to ‘Our Story’ Page

  • Deleted ‘Our Story’ at the center middle
  • Pushed the first rectangular box upwards
  • Made the box lighter as well. Light grayish
  • Deleted ‘The New Shaving Company’ Text in the header and Changed it to ‘OUR STORY’
  • Added the ‘Don’t take our word on it, look at the data’ Text
  • The data infographic is to the right and I added arrows, so now consumers can cycle through the data and see why The NY Shaving Company is the best!
  • Changed the overall font for titles to Oriyna MN and the body text to Musa
  • Made the ‘Start Trial’ Button bigger
  • Formatted everything to look more clean



      Barbershop  Page    

  Left Side (BEFORE)                  Right Side (AFTER)


Changes I made to the ‘Barbershop’ Page
  • For ‘Our Services’ I changed the font to Oriyna MN and the body text to Musa.
  • I added 2 lines, one long, one short right above ‘Our Services’ for aesthetics purposes
  • Added a ‘Filter’ in the top left corner, so users can filter the kind of haircut or treatment they would like and the filter would provide you with what you selected.
  • I reformatted everything and changed the fonts too
  • Also spaced out the text to get rid of white space
  • Changed the gray background to white (In the Our Services section)
  • Made the video larger




Our Factory Page    

  Left Side (BEFORE)                  Right Side (AFTER)


Changes I made to the ‘Our Factory’ Page

  • Expanded the entire page so it touches each side of the page
  • Changed the fonts
  • Deleted the second picture you had
  • Resized all the pictures
  • Pushed the picture (lady squeezing the cream out) that was on the bottom near the top and made it connect with the other pictures
  • Added Golden Start Trial button
  • Also Added a ‘Factory Location’ box where consumers can view where the locations of the stores are
  • Enlarged and Flipped the razor blade pic and placed it to the right
  • Added Golden Learn More button



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